Rushmere Alpacas

Tomorrow there's a big show over in Huntingdon at our good friends Houghton Hall Alpacas. We decided to leave quite late as that way we hoped we'd miss the worst of the Friday evening traffic.

Packing - everything but the kitchen sink

There's always a huge amount to load for a show - for a start there's everything for the alpacas - food, hay, water buckets and poo picker kit. Then there's the stuff for us as we were staying locally. Then there's all the banners so that it's clear who we are.

A promotional pen

Finally there's some tables, chairs and as well as some of our products as we had a 'promotional pen' This means we can have banners with our names and a nice place to sit. We have a wonderful folding 2 seater chair which we drape with one of our throws and a cushion so that it looks home from home.  Once all this is loaded you can imagine the car is absolutely full to bursting.

An eventful journey

the traffic wasn't too bad and we were making good time but I mistook the turning and we found ourselves up a dark farm track which ended in a farm yard. I got out to investigate and thought Neil might just be able to turn round in a full circle as doing a 3 point turn in the dark on a strange road with a trailer is no joke.  Thankfully we made it! We were still in a good time for unloading at the show and just made sure everything was unloaded and the alpacas were well stocked with hay and water then we dashed off to our bed and breakfast place