Rushmere Alpacas

What is a blood drive

With such a gruesome name some people may wonder what on earth this is. It's actually a day when a vet gets set up to take blood from donor alpacas which is then sent to a lab and separated into plasma and blood cells. The plasma is kept in a freezer and used in a transfusion to provide antibodies should a baby cria not get milk from its mother within the first 24 hours of life. It's a really important time and if the baby does not get that first milk then it lacks the antibodies which its mother already has in her system

We decided it would be useful to have some of that plasma so when Heart of England Alpaca group organised this we were pleased to take up the offer.

Fabiola the blood donor

We chose Fabiola to be the blood donor as she isn't pregnant, is very healthy and a good size and as we don't use her for breeding  there's less risk of a problem being a major issue. She's also very easy going. As her companion we chose Hecate as he's also easy to handle and not one of most valuable alpacas.

Fabiola the model patient

We duly loaded up the 2 girls and drive up to Towcester Vets Equine Centre which was very smart. We were taken into a small area with 2 padded cubicles and Fabiola was put in one of them while we held Hecate. Fabiola was a superstar and behaved impeccably never complaining and not getting at all restless. She was definitely patient of the day. Hecate did get a little restless and tried to join Fabiola in her cubicle. We should get the plasma delivered next week by courier and we'll be all set up for next year. I just hope we never have to use it.