Rushmere Alpacas

Spent some time reseeding the 'maternity ward' i.e. the paddock by the house where we put the pregnant females 5 weeks before birthing.

Good paddock management

Bare patches develop over the summer where they have their poo piles and we always leave the paddock empty over the winter to ensure that the risk of any parasites is minimised.

A quick and easy operation

That also gives me a chance to reseed the bare patches. As it's quite a small field I do it by hand. I try to pick a day when the field is quite wet. I rake the patches first to provide a good surface for the seed and then scatter the seed (just lawn seed from the local garden centre) by hand.

Final weeding

I also pull out any stinging nettles by hand using a strong pair of suede work gloves and taking as many of the roots out as posisble. This means we're getting fewer and fewer nettles each year. Finally I dig out any thistles with a rag fork - a 2 pronged fork designed for lifting ragwort. Thankfully our blitz on ragwort over the last few years means we don't have much of that.

Wilted nettles are yummy for alpacas

I find that once the nettle sare wilted the alpacas love them. If they're int he field they will eat them all in a few days or I can collect them up from an empty field and take them over as a treat.