Rushmere Alpacas

We were back at the show ring bright and early and as expected Iggy was first in. He was slightly reticent at first but soon gained confidence and behaved impeccably throughout. It must be very difficult for a young animal like him (he was only 4 days above the minimum age for showing) but he is such a sweet natured boy.

Show success for Iggy

We were really pleased when he was awarded a 3rd prize. Light fawn is always a difficult class to compete in.

Guess the name of the Teddy

After Iggy's success the rest of the day was clear as he was the last alpaca we were showing. We went to talk to the people in the cafe and found out they had had very few entries for their guess the name of the Teddy so we volunteered to go round. We sold loads of tickets and collected over £100. The cup cakes and cookies had raised £25 and the grand total for Thorpe Hall Hospice was over £250 so we were really pleased with that.