Rushmere Alpacas

All night the wind was howling round the house, even though we're in a very sheltered valley. I gather it was even worse in the north.

Weather issues

We were supposed to be taking our alpacas to the Woburn Craft Market along with our alpaca goods. We walked the dogs first thing and then I cooked breakfast while Neil fed the alpacas and sized up the weather. Apparently the girls were all hunkered down and didn't even want to get up for breakfast. Not only that but with really high winds and sharp gusts we both felt it would have been madness to take the trailer out on the road.

Leaving the alpacas behind

Reluctantly we decided that we'd have to leave the alpacas behind and set off with just the goods for our stall. Everyone was very disappointed at the craft market. One lady had brought a tub of carrots all beautifully peeled and the organisers grandson was very disappointed. We promised faithfully to bring them in December - I hope there's no more hurricanes or blizzards!

A lot of interest but not so many sales.

people all stopped to feel our lovely throws and there was a lot of interest but we didn't sell that much. The wind continued to howl round Woburn Village Hall and we both felt we'd made the right decision.