Rushmere Alpacas

I've been working overseas for 2 weeks so it was great to get back into the usual routine. Feeding the alpacas doesn't take long and it was lovely to see them all again. The fleeces had all grown a huge amount and they are starting to get their cuddly winter look.

Coats or no coats

This year we decided to try coats on our cria for the winter. We took the coats off Iggy and the Imp for the country park fair yesterday and noticed that the Imp's fleece seemed a bit felted so we'll leave them without their coats for a few days. We checked the 3 other babies and left the coats off Vic and Issy but Iphygenia's coat was so beautifully clean that we decided to leave her coat on. We'll watch and see how their fleeces are doing.

We use dog coats and have found that the animate coats are the easiest ones to put on.