Rushmere Alpacas

Loading down to a fine art.

We're getting pretty good at loading all our alpaca goods for sale into the car and with the new French Windows in it was much easier. Loading the 3 boys also went very well. They were in the paddock above the house and walked through the garden with no problem.

A hive of industry at the park

The high winds of yesterday had diminished a little and everyone form the park was busy putting up the marquee for the craft stalls, as they had not been able to dot hat yesterday. We set up the hurdles and unloaded the boys which proved rather distracting for a bunch of mountain bikers! The lads settled in to their corner very easily, especially when I put some Camelibra out in their buckets.  

While the boys munched their elevenses, Neil and I set up the stall. There were people asking about our products almost immediately and I'd sold a ball of wool and a mug before I'd even finished setting everything out! The interest remained high and it turned out to be a good day

The boys prove popular

There was a constant crowd round the pen and Iggy and Imp had soon eaten so many carrots that they actually turned some down. I had also brought some swede but they weren't so impressed with that. Lots of people said they'd love to won some but didn't have the space. We're very lucky.

Friends to visit

In between the people buying, we had quite a few visits from people we knew. Several people from the triathlon club made it, in spite of the Christmas Party and AGM the night before. Joseph came over from where he was helping with the Christmas Trees and his parents also came to say hello. Our next door neighbours stopped by and some other alpaca breeders from Aston Abbots. The time went really quickly and I could not believe it when I saw other craft stall holders packing up.