Rushmere Alpacas

If you are thinking of starting to breed alpacas do come and talk to us and we can put together a special package of animals which will meet your requirements, whether this is for animals which are easy to handle, potential for showing, for fleece production or even all three.

We will offer anyone starting up a 10% discount plus of course you do not pay VAT on our alpacas. In addition you will receive a tailor made training course in alpaca management and an information pack with useful contacts as well as everything you need to know, in case you don't remember everything from the training course. We are happy to visit the land where you intend to keep the alpacas and advise on fencing, shelter and general arrangements.

We are always there to help and we are happy for owners to contact us with any queries, or just to send us updates or news about how your alpacas are getting on. We will also help with shearing when the time comes, either advising on arrangements if you want the animals shorn on your own land, or making arrangements for them to be shorn at our farm.